Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why need to be a positive minded

Do money is your problem? lets do something to gain money!

Assalamualaikum and Good Day

Dear Good Peeps, May Allah SWT Bless us in life and Hereafter insyaAllah.

Positive minded always help us a lot! believe me indeed.

Running away from daily life problems wont solve anything, it's not a good way or solution for us to do, somehow it will burst up the problems even more. Many people always prefer running away from their problems rather than wake up and set up with a positive mindset, believe me you wont be anywhere else other than being a PROBLEMATIC PERSON! the worse thing is, you will be always haunted by your problems maybe until end of your life.

Running away or stay working for the available solution? Ask your deep heart which 1 is better? Even though only 0.0001 % of success, why should we easily surrender before try. You choose.

No one is exception for having problems in life. As a human being, we must learn to accept the things as a test From Allah SWT to us. Brilliant peeps always smile in trouble and they always working to find available solution to their problem.

but most of all, please stay positive & face reality!

If sins is our problem, let repent to Allah, insyaAllah God will guide us to a good path.

P/s: I am no Motivator nor pious man, I am just and ordinary people somewhere living in this world who inspire to share some thought about life. thanks for reading.

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