Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beyond Vision 2020 by Tun Mahathir

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The former prime minister, Tun M has been given a public lecture held in Chancellor Hall University Technology of PETRONAS yesterday morning.

And because of having so much free time yesterday, I went there to listen to that 84 years old man giving his speech as well as his expectation on a topic, Beyond Vision 2020. quite an interesting title right? So, there are some informative inputs that i can recap back from what Tun has mention.

Here are some of what he has mention in the lecture, and I have simplified them using my own understanding:~

1) The banking system nowadays plays money out of nothing..

Bank nowadays plays a big role in financial system all over the world. without our noticed, some of the bank might playing cheat or tricks to generate money. Yeah, money is the most important nowadays. Big country such as US which mostly control economical all over the world is significantly playing tricks on us. They create money out of nothing. They plays with cheques as a representation of money while they have no money on cash, the plays with the world money without having noticed by others countries. how come that country which having wars got so many money in their bank? As what Tun has said " Do they really have 3 trillion money below their carpet?, I think they might be cheating to the world.

2) Can we achieve vision 2020?

No. we will not. So far, we can see that our economical is not really stable and depends on the big country. We sell things to them, however, nowadays they became very poor and dont want to buy our things. How can we create money then? that's why we got the impact of ecomonical crisis. and not only us, all over the world which depended on this system were affected. We can just predict the future, However, the future is depends on what we have just now. and i can assume that Tun has said to us that, "now I cannot see the future clearly, even vision 2020 cannot be achieve if this phenomena never end"

3) What will happen beyond 2020?

Tun said he cant predict the future. However, some of the big countries could be affected by the increasing numbers of migrating people coming and crossing their border. For the example, california nowadays are being populated largely in number by mexican. This numbers increasing days by days and their government cannot stop them from coming, even they have great technology. They swim in the water, and through forest at night. This might be impact the population of the nationality in 30 years from now. (most of the countries nowadays got the same problem, even our country)

Not only that, people tend to be cleverer day by day. The source of any information we can easily get from the internet. Nowadays, even primary school student are very smart to open the phornography and ect.. This influence the childs in the future. Their mind set has changed. The new generation alive and that should be a question for us to think about it.

4) Do Malaysia needs concultancy from the other countries to improve our government management?

No. if we have, we are not ready to be fully independent.

I think thats all what I able to recap back on what he has mentioned. To be honest, I am not pro government, but deeply inside, high respect and thanks to Tun for what he has done to our precious country. and thank you for sharing with us your opinion about the future.

~Credit to Tun Mahathir Mohamad~

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