Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trust and believe

two simple words,

~::trust and believe::~

It seems nothing is important for you I guess

Somehow, It change me a lot if you can see, if you now starring at me

when you never open your heart to trust and believe it.

actually its combination of something

There's no point for you to understand if you just see it through your eyes without your heart.


But I believe this two words is heavy as a mountain and very powerful!

you ask for it!

from nothing to something

from zero to hero

I believe thats what I am going to be starting from two weeks ago

Pray for my success

Trust and Believe that,

[Allah tidah akan mengubah nasib hamba-hambanya, selagi hamba itu sendiri tidak berusaha untuk mengubah nasib hidupnya]

Sekuat mana usaha yg anda lakukan untuk berjaya dalam hidup anda seperti impian anda itu?


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