Monday, May 24, 2010

Super Duper Excited 11

well, frankly speak I am pretty sad just now. keep waiting and waiting with no answer. maybe I should just forget it and start new dream with a new hope. and maybe there will be another good luck for me. really sad. [loser mode], insyaAllah.


what a day!

today is not my day, tomorrow, who knows?

P/s: hadi, please stay focus on your study. lot more to cover for tomorrow and the day after. to all, Do your Best in Exam! no cheating, God knows well. may God bless us always, amiin..


perisa2 said...

there will be a day for u,im sure.
GOd always care for His creation.
mayb if u get what u want,worse can happen.think positive my friend.remember ur TZM, what happen =p.

may ALLAH bless us all.

if im not mistaken la,there a quote saying'

what we love maybe dislike by HIM, but what we dislike maybe love by HIM.

aku ni pon bukan alim sgt,tp still dlm process pembelajran.
kalo salah tlg tunjukkan.

comment pnjg la plak.haha
kalah penulis blog

hadiee said...